Take a step back, observe yourself from a new point of view


Your soul is beautiful and it is time you discover that for yourself.



What happens inside of me


not necessarily reflected on the outside




Half way between a therapy session and a photo shoot, it is a moment via a conversation to give yourself the oportunity to look at yourself from a different angle.


To make it possible to realise that your soul is beautiful, that you are not just the difficulties you are going through, that you are multiple things at the same time, and that it’s perfect that way.




Self-taught photographer since 1996, I engage in a personal research in 2014.


Through that experience I realise that, beyond discovering unknown aspects of myself, what I live internally does not necessarily reflect on the image and vice-versa. I continue to dig, experiment, test.


In 2016 I create the Photographic Conversations so that other people can make this liberating experience.



We will spend 3 hours together.


1st Hour: The conversation is our main focus. I take car of seizing the moment instinctively and after a short while the camera becomes invisible.


2nd Hour: We view together the selection of captured moments. You take the time to meet yourself. What does this meeting enable me to contact inside of me?


3rd Hour: We go over the captured moments once more. We select some photos and create a slideshow. What do I take away with me? What do I symbolictly choose to show the world?


And then?


You are free !
You can leave it at that.
You can choose to show the photos / slideshow to your friends, family or to keep it to yourself.
You can spend hours viewing the images or leave them in a corner of your computer and never watch them again.
You can choose to come back in 3 months to see how you feel about the photos as time has gone by.
You can choose to dig deeper into things if something particularly caught your attention.
It is as you wish, as you feel.


Cost: 350€

Includes the 3 sessions, the photographic outcome in internet format, the slideshow.