Body Psychotherapy


Whether it is for physical, emotional or mind reasons, we all have at some point felt disconnected from ourselves. Sometimes we might even have the sensation of never having really connected to our inner self.

A Body Psychotherapy session is an appointment with ourself. To discover our inner resources, re-contact our life force, to through our physical and emotional blocages. To become again the creator of our life.


I offer body psychotherapy to those willing to explore a new way of connecting the body and the mind, and to deal with psychosomatic conditions.


Any difficulty we encounter in life expresses itself in the body. Body psychotherapy is a powerful technique, particularly useful in stress-related situations, that helps you to overcome and transform symptoms such as lack of self-esteem, difficulties in relationships, hyper-emotivity, fatigue, blockages, irritability, chronic pain with no medical explanation, etc.


The strength of body psychotherapy arises from the blending of physical and energetic massage/touch techniques with psychotherapy tools, and the fact that it invites you rather than the therapist to address your symptoms and their causes. By getting in touch with your physical tensions and emotional blockages, you are empowered to mobilise your inner resources and free yourself.


My goal is to assist you on this path to discover your inner resources, creating a space where you feel confident to engage in the process. While anyone is welcome to body psychotherapy, because it is such a collaborative effort and requires you to actively work to recognise and resolve your physical, emotional, and mental difficulties, it may not suit everyone. However, the benefits from the process for those ready to try are far-reaching, allowing us to be more present in our lives, and to live them more fully.



Here are some answers to some questions you might have:


Some of the reasons people come to body psychotherapy include:

  • Words are not providing the solutions at a particular point in time

  • There is a feeling of detachment from the body, and a need to reconnect

  • Certain emotions and/or life situations persistently recur, and there is a need to find an effective way of dealing with them

  • Recurring physical pain with no medical explanation

  • For self-development

  • To improve the connection between the body and the inner life

Body psychotherapy is an extremely effective way to deal with, overcome, and/or transform issues including:

  • past trauma

  • anxiety

  • anger

  • self-limiting beliefs

  • lack of self confidence

  • difficulty completing projects

  • depression

  • and many more.

The tools that I use to accompany and assist you may include:

  • touch/massage techniques (Californian massage, polarity work, shiatsu, foot reflexology, and Korean relaxation)

  • body awareness

  • humanistic techniques such as Gesalt, NLP, transpersonal approaches, and psychodrama.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to better utilise your inner resources

  • How to remove the personal obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals

  • How to listen and respond to the signs your body gives you

  • How to respond to situations in line with your needs

  • How to connect to the present moment

What happens in a session/series of sessions?

  • We work together to define your therapeutic objective. Every session is adapted and personalised for you.

  • During the sessions I will propose using any of the techniques listed in the section above (touch, visualisation, etc) to allow you to connect with the areas of your body that resonate with your therapeutic objective.

  • When a connection is made with different zones of your body, certain emotions/memories sensations will manifest. I’ll help you to clarify what you’re feeling and to discover what presents itself to you in that moment.

  • Following this, I will suggest how you can use what you’ve learned in daily life/how it can be related to your therapeutic objective/how it can help you on the road to resolving your therapeutic objective.

How many sessions are needed?

This isn’t a question that can be easily answered, but here’s a little more information that may help.

Spacing of sessions:

  • Most people choose to come every 15 days, which is very effective.

  • At times, depending on the experiences that are present, it is necessary over a short period of time to do one session a week.

  • The ideal is not to exceed 21 days between each session, but some people continue with their work at home, and return for just one session per month.

Depending on the therapeutic goal:

  • A very precise therapeutic objective that has already been largely resolved (eg, sometimes there may be a reoccurrence of problems due to a specific event). If no other elements surface during sessions, 5 sessions may suffice.

  • Specific therapeutic goal that addresses a specific area that has never arisen before (eg isolated difficulty with a co-worker). If no other element requires attention, 10 to 15 sessions may be sufficient.

  • Precise therapeutic goal which affects a vast field of life (eg: lack of self-confidence, relational difficulty, generalised boredom). It is very likely that in these situations the approach is long term, ie spaced out over a year, about 25 sessions.

Cost of a session: 1 hour session / 60 euros