"To guide you along your path,

the one that enables you to discover yourself and reconnect."



Body-psychotherapist since 2007, I assist people who wish to overcome and transform life difficulties / obstacles.

To enable people to get in touch with their body experiences, to start listening to their body and to free themselves from personal tensions / blocages thanks to their inner resources.

My research has led me to include photography in my aproach. In 2016 I created the Photographic Conversations.  At the crossroad of therapy and photography. Allowing to observe from a different angle what our being expresses through our body, related to what is happening in our lives in that timeframe. To take some distance and give ourself the opportunity to look at ourself from a renewed perspective.


Previously an IT project manager, I was travelling in Thailand when I experienced traditional Thai massage. The technique and its benefits resonated with me, and I began to train with Pichest Boontunmme in Chiang Mai. However, I quickly felt the need to focus more on the therapeutic aspects of the technique. I therefore moved to study with Ong Dam, also in Chiang Mai, where I stayed for a year. Beginning as a student, I progressed quickly to become a practitioner under his supervision, and after eight months I moved to assisting him during his teaching.


In order to develop further my presence and listening skills, I also spent three months in monasteries, experiencing and studying meditation.


In India, I studied Ayurvedic massage under the guidance of Arun Rasalam, choosing to focus on the protocol used during Panchkarma.


After two years in Asia, I returned to France in 2004 with the goal of continuing my education in the role of touch in therapy. I enrolled in Jean-Louis Abrassart’s school, www.toucher.fr, and graduated in 2007 as a qualified Somatothérapeute (body psychotherapy).

Having discovered the balance between touch and speech, I have since then been guiding people through the discovery of their inner resources, and helping them reach their full potential through body psychotherapy.


* not a substitute for medical, osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor treatments.