Sophie Benoit - Somatothérapeute
Sophie Benoit - Somatothérapeute

body psychotherapy

People come to Body Psychotherapy for many reasons:

  • Words are not the answer at a particular point in time

  • There is the feeling of being detached from the body and the need to reconnect

  • Certain emotions &/or life situations keep coming back and there is the need to find ways of dealing with them

  • Recurring body pain with no medical explanation

  • To further one's self development

  • To improve the connection with the body and inner life

Body Psychotherapy is a very effective way to deal with / overcome / transform: past trauma, anxiety, anger, self-limiting beliefs, depression and much more.

The tools that I use to accompany you are as follow: touch/massage techniques (californian massage, polarity work, shiatsu, foot reflexology and korean relaxation), body awareness and, when appropriate, humanistic techniques such as Gestalt, NLP, transpersonal approaches and psychodrama.